I’ve Decided, Fall is My Favorite Season

I used to always like summer as my favorite season.  You could open your windows, we had longer days and it was warm.  But now that we are into the fall, I am really loving it.  It is warm during the day but cool at night, perfect sleeping weather.  Maybe that is it.  I’ve been sleeping better so I feel better.

People say, “fall is in the air” and it is true.  There is something in the air that makes me feel so good.  Maybe it is the anticipation of winter and a “cooling down” period I know is coming.  Winter is a hunkering down time of year and maybe we are changing modes to match the season.  But I don’t know, there is just something about fall that makes it fantastic. The changing of the leaves makes the landscape breathtaking for about two weeks.  The elk are bugling away trying the herd his girls.  That is always a treat.  So I’ve decided, fall is now my favorite season.

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Wayne Dyer and Death

So I found out a few days ago that Wayne Dyer passed away.  What is weird about it is that it wasn’t in the news and there is very little information about what happened.  I read that he passed away in his sleep.  I didn’t even know he was that sick.  He seemed well when I’ve seen him on TV.  Or maybe he wasn’t sick and he chose to go in this way, I don’t know. But that there was no TV coverage seemed weird.  Someone of his stature surely would have a mention on the 5:00 news but nothing.  Maybe he wanted it this way.  And maybe I don’t need to know exactly what happened but a part of me, the skeptical part of me, wants to know because it feels like there is something that is being hidden.

I know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience but we are still human.  We get sick and we die.  I don’t care how spiritual you are or how positive we are, this is something that is certain.  We live in bodies that give out eventually.  What we do with it up to that point is the key.  And my big question is can we choose how we die?  I definitely don’t want to have a long, lingering, painfilled death, who does.  I want to go like Wayne and just fall asleep one day and never wake up.  However, very few people go this way.  Maybe Wayne had the power to do this.  Who knows.  It is always a shock when a powerful guru such as Wayne Dyer dies.  We think they will live forever because they have this spiritual, God thing all figured out.  So when they do, how come it didn’t work for them? How come they couldn’t will their sickness away with their positive outlook on life and with the help of God or the Universe?  Or maybe he did and he got many more years on the planet.

Oh well, who knows.  RIP Wayne.  Thanks for all the good tidbits about life and how to live it just a little better.  You will be missed and I hope you went on your terms.  Sounds like you did.

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Focus, Patience and Candy Crush

So I have to admit, I play a lot of Candy Crush.  And some people may say it is a waste of time, which I agree, but there are a few benefits being a Candy Crush addict.  One is that it teaches me where to put my focus and attention.  When you play Candy Crush, each game presents a new set of obstacles that you must learn how to “get around”.  So when I play, I look at where my focus needs to be.  This is true about life.  When you need to change an aspect in your life, focus and attention needs to be put on that area.

Also, Candy Crush teaches me patience.  Sometimes, I get stuck on a level for many weeks.  I always have the belief that I can win this in time.  I am patient.  I keep trying until I get it.  Again, true about life.  Keep trying until you get it.  I say to myself, if I keep trying, the “perfect storm” will present itself and there will be success.  In other words, everything lines up perfectly for you to have success, if you just keep trying.

Thank you, Candy Crush, for these important lessons.

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Another 1111 Sighting

I was at the gas station the other day and I was pumping gas. I had the nozzle clipped so it would pump without holding it. So when it clicked off, the gallons were 011.110.  I had to print the receipt as proof. Then I went into the gas station to turn in my lotto ticket and I thought I won $3 and it ended up that I won  $44.  I have the gas receipt by my computer to remind me how cosmic the universe is.

What does it mean? I just don’t know for sure.

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Take Life Easy

For some time now, I’ve been living the “easy” life.  And what do I mean by “easy”? Well, I look at life’s resistances and road blocks. If I make a decision to do something or take a certain path, and it is met with resistances or it just doesn’t seem to be working out, I either stop what I’m doing or I take a different path.  And on the flip side, if it flows with grace and ease, I know I’m on the right path. This idea has served me well. It requires me to really look at my life and the decisions I make and what I want in my life.

Here’s an example. Last fall, I was unhappy in my job and in life.  I knew I had to make some kind of change.  I wasn’t sure if I was  supposed to change jobs or maybe some other kind of change.  I loved my job and I loved the people I was working with but I wasn’t making enough money. I also thought maybe if I moved that that would help. So one day, I got an idea that I needed to apply at this other company in town. I got a few signs that this may be something that would work out for me. I told myself, if I am meant to go there, it would be easy.  Well, I applied on a Saturday, got a call on Wednesday, and interview on Thursday and I accepted the job on Friday.  It went smoothly and now, I love my job and I’m making lots more money.  Things lined up perfectly for me to get this job.  It was easy.  So I knew I was meant to go there.

So I look at what I want in my life and I start making moves towards it.  What do you want in your life and what are you going to do to make it easy for yourself? In the past, what aspect of your life has presented itself easily?  How can you bring more of that into your life?

All is well, right?

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Coffee Talk ~ Heave Ho

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my dad, Walt.  When my mom passed away, my dad went through the house and started “heaving” things out.  It was his space now so he decided to make it his own.  It may have been his process of grieving my mom and removing her things but he never talked about it.  I imagine it was a healing process in a way for him.  Mom had her ways and the places she wanted her stuff.  Well, my dad now could bring in his tools and leave them in the closet and store his paint and other things where he wanted to put them.  It was actually quite funny at times because I would go over to his house and think of looking for something, say a birthday card that mom had.  I would go to the drawer where she kept them and the cards would be all gone. I would look at dad and say, “dad, you didn’t heave those cards did you?”  And he would say “no, I didn’t heave those” with a sheepish, innocent look.  He was so funny.

Why do I bring this up? I’ve been doing my share of “heaving” items in my house lately and it has been so freeing. I would get so caught up in “doing the right thing” in regards to how to remove unneeded things from my space. Should I take it to the library or the thrift store?  Should I give it to some friends or maybe I should hold on to it since it had some sentimental value (for example, someone gave it to me as a gift) So I decided to take my dad’s lead and I started heaving stuff. I just threw it in the trash can.  And guess what, it WAS freeing and now I have a really nice space, without the stuff.  So I am going to continue to “heave” things that I haven’t used in years.

What do you want to “heave”?  Do you have stuff laying around your house that you are holding onto for some reason but would love to declutter?  Well, start heaving.

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