To Move or Not to Move, That is the Question

I am in Durango, Colorado for vacation to check out my old Alma Mater.  I loved living down here and I came down to see if maybe some day I might move here.  I work in the casino industry and there is one casino down here that is a possible employment for me.  Durango is a beautiful place.  I feel at peace here.  But the question is can I make a living down here?  This is a big decision for me as I have a house in Evergreen, Colorado too.  Do I sell it? Do I rent it?  And where would I live in Durango?  Housing is scarce down here.

But I know in the big picture that if I’m meant to move to Durango, it will be easy.  If I’m meant to stay, road blocks will show up as to the move to Durango.  So I will see what happens this winter. I know for sure that there are too many sad memories in Evergreen and I’ve felt a need to move away for a while now.  It is hard as it is my home town and familiar and easy.  But I find myself sad more than happy there.  I’ve got some really good friends there and I only know one person in Durango.  But I meet people easy so I’m not too worried there.  So what do I do?  Hummmmm.  Who knows.

Life decisions are not always easy.  Sometimes I just go for it and see what happens but this is a huge decision, based on relationships I have with people at home, familiarity or mystery, financial expectations and a myriad of other small factors that play into this decision. I wish I was a good prayer, maybe the answer would be presented to me clearly.  Maybe I’ll try meditating on it for a week and see what happens.  Who knows.  The good thing is that I don’t have to decide right now. I’ve got time to contemplate this and explore more of my options.  The biggest question to answer is where will I be most happy.  I know I’m not thriving in Evergreen.  I feel stifled and depressed and non-creative.  In Durango, it would be new, exciting, scary, and a lot of work to move.  What do I do?

I’ll keep you posted.  So all is well, right?

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A “Short” Break

I haven’t written in my blog for some time now.  I’ve been taking a break.  The creative juices haven’t been flowing at all.  Why?  I don’t know.  I just haven’t felt inspired.  But today I’m going to make a commitment to start writing in my blog and sharing my experiences both good and bad, always with a lesson to go with them.  I would also say I’ve been in a mild state of depression and when you are like that, you don’t feel like doing anything more than going to work and coming home. It doesn’t help that I’m starting mental pause, oh I mean menopause and I cry at a drop of a hat.  Ask my friends.  It is a big joke at work.  What is going to make Beth cry.  But anyway, what I’ve been feeling and what is true are two different things but boy do I hold onto the stories I create for myself.  Can you relate?

Anyway, my promise is to start writing more and sulking less.  How does that sound?

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Authentic Happiness ~ Chapter 12 ~ Raising Children

As this chapter, Raising Children, states, it explores tips on how to raise a happy child.  Since I don’t have any children, I couldn’t relate to this chapter at all.  I would encourage those, though, that do have children to read it.

Note: This is a spiritual book club series on the book, Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman, a professor the University of Pennsylvania in Psychology. He has also written Learned Optimisim. If you would like to order this book, click the Barnes and Noble icon below:

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Love Or Life Is Like A Fart

A coworker came up to me the other day and said, “Love is like a fart.  If you force it, it comes out like crap.”  I just loved this little piece of wisdom and it is true.  One thing I’ve learned is that you cannot make someone love you the way you want them to love you.  It has to come naturally.  And it can be a heart-breaker when the love between two individuals is not the same level of intensity whether it be friendships, lovers or even family members.  But when the intensity of love can be matched by both people, then it can be magic.

But this little phrase can also be compared to life as well.  If you try and force an event or action in your life without letting it percolate into fruition, then it can turn on you.  For example, I had a business a decade ago and I tried to build it from the ground up.  I was forcing it to bloom at my pace, not its own and I got burned in the end, of my own doing.  But that was a very expensive and emotional lesson of forcing something into fruition.  But live and learn right?

So now, I live my life more with grace. I will make an action towards something I want in my life and if it doesn’t seem to be an easy outcome, then I will go a different direction or abandon it all together.  Life is like a leaf in the river, if you force it’s travels down the rapids, it may get hung up in the abyss. But letting it flow in its own time and on its own path is be much better and easier.

So happy travels and enjoy the ride.  Easy and Breezy, right?

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Signs From The Universe

So lately, I’ve been going through some things that layed heavy on my heart.  I’ve been trying to decide what I needed to do but I was really scared to face it.  What to do, what to do?  So I kept getting these signs from the Universe through stories or jokes from other people.  One sign was a joke a coworker shared with me the other day that went like this, “Love is like a fart, if you force it, it comes out like crap.”  It was totally what I needed to hear at the time.  Very funny but so true.  Other signs were stories I heard from other people and I would think, “this is exactly what I’m going through right now”.

So I took action based on these little signs from the Universe and viola, I feel like it was the right decision.  Have you ever made a decision about something, acted on it and when you did, you knew it was the right decision?  This is what happened to me.  I took the advice I was receiving, made a decision, acted on it and felt like it was the right thing to do.  Granted, it was a very difficult decision but I did it.  I’m proud of myself.

All is well, right?

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Thought-Provoking Question of the Week ~ Purpose

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about purpose and what brings purpose into one’s life.  So this is the question of the week:  What brings purpose into one’s life?  How does one feel purpose in one’s life? I’ve been feeling like my life is boring and that I have no purpose.  I love my job but it isn’t a purposeful job.  I have no kids nor do I have a significant other.  But are these things that bring purpose to one’s life?  What do you think?  Is your life purposeful and if so what is it that brings that purpose?

All is well, right?

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