Breast Cancer Research Drives Me Crazy

My mother died of breast cancer six years ago this April.  We believe or she was told that the cause of her cancer was the synthetic hormone drugs she took during menopause.  But honestly, we really don’t know exactly what caused this. And then yesterday I got a call from some organizations wanting donations towards breast cancer research.  I hadn’t even heard of them.  Right now, I don’t give any money to any organization for breast cancer research.  I get irritated by all the hype and money that goes into the awareness of breast cancer.  But all the billions and billions of dollars that are misappropriated into salaries, marketing and awareness that if that money could have been filtered into research of prevention and cure, we probably wouldn’t even be talking about this right now.  And I wonder how much the pharmaceutical companies play a part in NOT finding a cure because their bottom line would be affected.  I hate to even think like that, it is so mistrusting but I can’t help it.  That is partly how I feel.

There are many organizations that say they use money for the cure for cancer such as Avon, Susan B. Komen, American Cancer Society, etc.  I would like to know more about how much money these organizations pay their CEO’s or executive directors and how much money actually goes towards the cure and prevention of cancer. So I went online and found this great link to a blog called  which talks about organizations that really want to find the cure for cancer and some other really good information about the whole breast cancer movement. I also found another good blog called RH Reality Check whose tag line is Reproductive and Sexual Health and Justice.  There is an article in there about this stink of Susan B. Komen not wanting to support Planned Parenthood.  Of course this decision was reversed and I think the CEO who decided on this resigned.  But the article is good.  Here’s a link to the article:  Susan B. Komen:  Can You Trust A Breast Cancer Organization Whose Staff and Board Members Lie About Breast Cancer?  My research is minimal and not done.  I plan to continue looking for ways to be more proactive on this subject and I hope we can some day really find a cure for breast cancer.

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