Coffee Talk ~ Coincidences

Here I am at my favorite coffee shop in Evergreen, Colorado, Java Groove.  And I have been thinking about if chance meetings are coincidences or are they divine intervention.  I’ve had three such meetings this week and each one begged the thought,  “What could be the chances of running into this person at this time just at that moment”.  For instance, I ran into my cousin when I was walking out of work the other day and I was able to visit with her and her daughter for a while.  It was great.  If I would have left five minutes earlier or later, I would have missed her.  I’ve been wanting to catch up with her so the timing was perfect.  It makes me wonder if it was meant to be for me to see her or was it pure coincidence.  Of course, I like the divine intervention theory.

Then on the flip side, how many meetings do I miss by leaving five minutes earlier or later?  Hummm.

How about you?  How do you look on chance meetings, as coincidences or was it divine intervention?

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  1. Mary Karuzas says:

    Divine intervention!!!!

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