Follow Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell was known for the phrase, “Follow Your Bliss”. (If you want to learn morn about Joseph Campbell, click here.) I love this phrase as I feel I have finally did it and I really had to look at what I enjoy and what I didn’t as far as work is concerned.  To back up a little, I had a business a number of years ago and I was faced with many resistances and I did not follow these signs.  I kept forward and in the end, I had to close it.  I really enjoyed having a business but the business I chose was a big source of heart ache for me.  I should have recognized this and changed course in my business.

Now, back to present day, I’ve been mindful to look at what I love to do and go do that, when it came to making money. I was a craps dealer and I realized I loved it so I’m back dealing craps at a little casino in Central City.  And I started a business helping people with their website and blog needs and I’m really enjoying that.  So I really feel like I’ve followed my bliss and it is working out nicely so far.  It doesn’t mean I’m going to do this forever.  My bliss may change and I hope I’m wise enough to recognize it and do something else that makes my heart sing.

How about you?  Are you following your bliss?  And if not, why?

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