I’ve Broken my Shell

An acorn

An acorn

Life is so interesting, is it not?  Lately, I’ve been going through my blog and reorganizing it so it makes more sense.  I’ve been reading what I wrote over a year ago and I remember more now about why I started my blog, pretty much to record my spiritual journey.  Over a year ago, I was not happy in my job mainly because of the company I worked for.  I felt I wasn’t doing my real purpose in life.  I was looking at other people’s lives and I could identify their passions.  I have a friend who is a sign maker and she’s good at it and she loves it.  It’s her passion.  I have another friend that is into gardens and she is good at it and that is her passion.  But what was mine?


Oak Tree

Oak tree

So I have been an acorn all this year, trying to break out of my shell and finding my passion.  I would contemplate what I loved to do and how can I make money doing it.  Well, I found out through working at Home Depot(which wasn’t my passion, hence why I quit) that I love people and I love to deal craps.  In the meantime, I also started my blogging business and I am really excited about that.  So now I have to say that I am moving towards working in my passions, dealing craps and also helping people with their blogs and websites.  So I have broken my acorn shell and I’m beginning to grow into an oak tree.

All is well, right?

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