Mental Cleanse is Over. How Did I Do?

My seven-day mental cleanse ended yesterday.  To recap, I decided to do three things, one was limit the amount of time I play computer games, not to watch the news for one week and also to meditate daily.  I wasn’t completely successful in two out of the three but I did not watch the news all week.  I forgot to meditate one day and as for computer games, as each day went on, I went down hill, playing more games each day.

So the easiest one and the one I didn’t miss that much is not watching the news.  I can’t say that my days were better because I didn’t fill my mind with the bad news but it was a little harder to fill the time at 5:00 to not watch the news.  I wrote in my journal or watched a movie instead but it didn’t seem to impact me that much.  From this exercise, I will probably not watch as much news as I did enjoy my quiet time in the morning.

Meditating each day also was nice but it didn’t seem to make a major impact on my life.  However, I did feel a little more mellow after meditating and I really liked it.  I believe I will continue with this practice hopefully every day.  We’ll see.

As for computer games, I am going to need to be more diligent and aware of how much time I waste on computer games.  I did do better this past week and I did reduce the time I play and I’m going to keep monitoring the situation so I can keep working on my business and other important things.

All-in-all, this was a great week to learn a few things about myself.  One is that I’m really not good at black and white, doing or not doing something every day. I slipped back into my habits easily and that is what I will want to look at in the future.  It was a great week and I believe I did really well in two areas and one area gets a “in need of improvement” grade.  We know which habit that one is.  Ha.

All is well, right?

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