Road Trip to Nebraska

Jennifer, Penny and Lokey the dog in front of the market

Jennifer, Penny and Lokey the dog in front of the market

When my friend asked me to do a road trip to Nebraska I was a little hesitant.  “Can’t we go somewhere like Moab, Utah or Northern New Mexico, something more exciting?”  No, my friend knew people who had a farm in Nebraska and it is only 3 hours away and would I like to join her? So I relented and off we went for a road trip to a place near Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

We made our way to the Bee-Haven Farm and met the owners, Jennifer and Rick Rutherford.  Now this was the authentic farm experience.  When we got there, we were visiting inside their authentic

Herding the goats back to their enclosure

Herding the goats back to their enclosure

early 1900’s farm house when all of the sudden we were interrupted by a crisis.  A cat was getting into their chicks and having a grand old time trying to catch them for lunch.  Rick and Jennifer headed out to shoo away the cat and catch their chicks that escaped from their enclosures. When they returned, they profusely apologized and we headed out to the veranda for a beer and lunch.  Again, crisis abound.  Here come the goats.  They go out of their enclosure also and at the end of lunch, we headed out to help herd them back to their enclosure(see second picture).  What excitement and I loved it!!!

But the best part was getting to know Jennifer and Rick as they are salt-of-the-earth people and they are working towards helping others.  They started a roadside market(first picture) called the BeeHaven Farm Roadside Market.  They sell products from the local farms and ranches.  It is the coolest place.  They sell eggs, goats milk, meat, beans and much more.  I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  I’m so glad my friend talked me into going to Nebraska and checking out this piece of heaven.  Thanks Rick and Jennifer for your great hospitality.

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  1. Thanks Beth! It was wonderful having you here and I am glad you had a good time.

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