Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav ~ Chapter 16 ~ Trust

Trust is a big issue for a lot people.  Some people don’t trust anyone or their trust has been compromised by someone they love.  I like to talk about trust because it is a basis for any relationship.  I find myself working on trust and I always learn something about myself in the meantime.  In this chapter,Trust, Zukav writes on page 240, “Try looking at life as a beautifully well-organized dynamic.  Trust the Universe.  Trusting means that the circumstance that you are in is working toward your best and most appropriate end.  There is no when to that.  There is no if to that.  It is.  Release your specifications and say to the Universe:  “Find me where you know I need to be.”  Let them go and trust that the Universe will provide, and so it shall.  Let go of all.  Let your higher self complete its task.”  I really like this in that we forget that sometimes we are guided and that things are working out without us having to control it.  As my teacher used to say, “Control is the master addiction”.  This above statement says to let go and reminds me to quit controlling everything.

I know that this is a better way to be but sometimes it is hard to trust either that things are going to work out okay or trust in someone that they will treat you with respect or that they will not harm you.  Many times our mistrust is unwarranted.  I know this to be the case with me sometimes and what is frustrating is I know I’m being unreasonable but I just can’t get over this gut feeling about a situation or someone.  Or the other way to look  at this too is maybe I should trust myself and my gut feeling that I need to have a heightened awareness of the possible harm a person can place on you.  So this is what Zukav writes about this mistrust on page 244, “Each time you feel negative, stop, acknowledge that you are, and discharge it consciously.  Ask what you are feeling and what is at the root of it.  Go for the root of it in that instant and as you work to pull the root, simultaneously look at the positive side and remind yourself of the greater truth that there is something spiritually profound at work, that your life is no accident, that you are under contract.” That statement says it all.  When we are upset, it is ourselves who are creating the upset and it us up to us to figure out why we are upset.  What is the root cause of this upset? And so this leads to being responsible for your own inner emotions.  I like that.

But back to trust. In the past, I would look at how I did not trust in myself and how I felt or how I am was the world. I would think my feelings were not worth paying attention to sometimes and I dismissed them as not important.  So now, I pay more attention to my feelings as these are my barometer to what is going on with my inner world.  For example, if I am feeling uncomfortable in a certain situation, I will trust this uncomfortableness and look at where exactly this feeling is coming from.  Many times it is legitimate and I have the choice to remove myself from this uncomfortable situation or stay in it.  Most times, instead of dismissing my feeling and think I’m just being unreasonable, I pay attention to it and I remove myself from the uncomfortable situation.  I may journal about it and learn why I feel this way and work on that idea but mostly I just trust that I was feeling uncomfortable for a reason and to pay attention to it.

All-in-all, trust is a great barometer for us to look at how we want to be in the world.  What do you think?  How does trust play into your life?

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav is in this series of the Spiritual Book Club Book. It was published in 1989 and many of his ideas are still relevant and philosophized to this day. We are exploring how his ideas have expanded in the last 30 years and how he was on the cusp of new-thought ideas even then. Thank you for participating. I would love to hear your ideas on this book.

If you would like to purchase this book, you can through the Barnes and Noble link below.

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  2. Cyril Jardine says:

    Hard to trust when I buy a “25th anniversary edition” to replace a borrowed library copy and find a different chapter 16, much shorter and not as well written as the original. Rip-off is the term I would use.

  3. susan says:

    Does anyone want to know how he comes to “know” all this to be true? I would love to know the basis for his theories of life. Zukav just seems to be so certain and knowing…yet I don’t understand where his knowledge and knowing comes from. Also, did anyone feel like “family/loved ones” on earth are kinda missing from the life experience?

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