Wild Turkey on Main Street Evergreen, Colorado

Wild turkey in Evergreen, Colorado

Wild turkey in Evergreen, Colorado

Wow, just when I thought I’d seen it all, here was this wild turkey on Main Street in Evergreen, Colorado.  Yes, traffic was backed up because of this lost turkey running around the road.  Of course, the Evergreenites are used to such chaos and wildlife backups.  Poor turkey, he(or she) looked lost.  As much as we tried to herd him away from traffic, he would run right into oncoming traffic but all the cars were aware of the bird and slowed down.  All I could think was “Go turkey, go”.  Very exciting.

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5 Responses to Wild Turkey on Main Street Evergreen, Colorado

  1. Ya Beth I saw the same turkey,funny

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  3. Charlie Bauer says:

    He/she is still around.
    Woke us up Sunday morning, in our backyard on Aspen Lane.
    Didn’t get photo before it took off flying over our fence and running off rapidly to the north. March 22, 2015

    • Hi Charlie. What a great treat to not only hear the wild turkeys but to see them as well. I’m sure sightings are rare. Keep me posted if you see them again. Thanks, Beth.

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