Worry, Worry, Worry

I’ve been thinking a lot about worry lately.  I guess I’ve been worrying about worrying too much.   I know I worry about things that I shouldn’t even be giving a second thought.  But I would say that I am better than I was.  I used to worry about so much more.  But I still catch myself worrying about things that may happen in the future or how my past will affect my present moment.  Then my wise sister, over and over, keeps reminding me to stay in the present moment.  And I keep forgetting, moment by moment, to be in the present moment.  But really if you think about it, if we stay in the present moment, it will drastically reduce worry. Worry is the product of thinking about the past or the future.

So I’m going to work on being more in the present moment, enjoying the people that show up in these moments and to have fun.  Goodbye worry, hello peace.
All is well, right?

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  1. Mary says:

    Love it love it!!

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